What makes a good leader? You may think of organisation skills, charisma, a good vocabulary for rousing speeches and being willing to go into unchartered territories… These all can contribute to the effectiveness of a leader, but a leader’s motivation is their driving force, and motives often spring from our values. Ultimately, the values you hold will determine the actions you take. Your values are at the heart of your leadership.

As Christians, the ultimate role model for us all is Christ. So how can we use Jesus’ values as a model for our leadership?

Step One: Identify Jesus’ Values

To model the values that someone holds, you need to first understand what those values are and why it is they have decided to embody them. What values would you say Jesus held? Now, let’s look at a few scriptures for examples of some of the values Jesus held.

Some scriptures to start with:

  • Mark 10:42-45
  • Mark 6:7
  • John 5:19
  • John 13:12-15
  • John 15:12-15
  • John 18:8-9

We spent some time looking at and discussing the passage from Mark 10:32-45. (For more info on bible study see this blog.)

Here are a few of the ones we decided on together: mercy, love, compassion, humility, justice, service. Are there any you feel we’ve missed? Let us know in the comments section!

Step Two: Consider Jesus’ Values

Consider the impact of the values Jesus held. How did they influence Jesus’ actions? Choose two or three of the values that you’ve listed before and think about what they would look like in action. Looking at the list of Jesus’ values that you’ve come up with and begin to think about which of them are most needed in our society today. Which would you say they are?

Step Three: Commit to Jesus’ Values

Use the values as a guide for your own decision-making and leadership. Can you commit to displaying some of the values you’ve discovered over the coming week or month?

Over the coming five weeks, our community will be discussing Jesus’ leadership values, their impact, and how we can implement them in our own lives. If you’re able to join us in the next few weeks, we’d love to have you. And if getting to Westminster on a Thursday evening isn’t possible for you, join us here next week for session 2 – Being Spirit-led and Having Humility.