The wheels in our society spin so fast these days. There's no time for slowing down, very little time for what we call rest these days and virtually no chance to stop and examine how we really are. The majority of us desperately need some downtime and we would take some if we could. However, there is no rest for the wicked, content is king, efficiency is the emperor and we MUST PRODUCE RESULTS!!!. No results mean no job and no job means no pay.

We all know where that trail of breadcrumbs leads. That's why we push on regardless of the daunting pressure at work, our ever climbing stress levels and every hump day within our 365 days of the year. Let's not forget global warning, prospects of war, unrest and what looks like political unrest tide with an economic meltdown.

There is definitely a lot to worry about, but very little time to process any of it. Seeing as everyone is so busy with their own lives, there isn't even room to unwind in friendly conversation. Sure we toughen it out, but it all adds up. The strain takes its toll on our mental well-being and affects us physically. We're barely having discussions on our mental health and how it affects us physically. The conversation on how our mental health affects us spiritually hasn't even started yet. Our new series looks to start the conversation. Come along...let's unwind and have a little talk.