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Jesus’ Values in Leadership

Jesus’ Values in Leadership

What makes a good leader? You may think of organisation skills, charisma, a good vocabulary for rousing speeches and being willing to go into unchartered territories... These all can contribute to the effectiveness of a leader, but a leader's motivation is their...

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Did Jesus Exist?

Did Jesus exist? Is he a real, historical figure? Last week we started a new series called I’ve Got Questions About Jesus, looking into the debates and evidence around various aspects on the life of Jesus. We started with the question ‘Did Jesus exist?’ The next two...

Mental Health & Spiritual Wholeness: Part 3 – Addiction

A physical addiction is when an individual gets addicted to a substance. Like any type of addiction, we tend to develop an increased level of tolerance to whatever it is we have become addicted to. Now I won’t say anything like physical addiction is something that we just fall into or anything like that.

Mental Health & Spiritual Wholeness

The wheels in our society spin so fast these days. There's no time for slowing down, very little time for what we call rest these days and virtually no chance to stop and examine how we really are. The majority of us desperately need some downtime and we would take...


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