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Join us at Westminster Central Hall - every Thursday 6:30pm - 8:30pm


The universe is a big place. Thousands of galaxies, countless stars and a planet that has been here longer than any human and has sustained life for a countless number of species. We look at the vastness of the cosmos in comparison to what seems like a meager existence and think "how did I get here amongst all that clutters the universe?"

A part of what we love to do at Sanctuary is asking the big questions and seek to find the answers to them. Rather than shying away, we tackle them head one and seek to understand the meaning of life and our spiritual connection with the world and each other.


There is much to think about in our society today when it comes to justice, as we live in a world that seems more corrupt than ever. For most of us, we look in the world today and ask ourselves the most daunting of questions "is there any justice in the world?"

Each of us asks that question with the burning desire to make the world around us a better place. Here at Sanctuary, we explore what justice currently looks like in our society. Additionally, we come together to better equip ourselves and help each other understand how we can use our sphere of influences to help shape the world around us for the better of others.


Working in the city as a young professional can at times be a daunting thing. There's no stopping or time to think about anything else until the job gets done. Here at Sanctuary, we provide a space in the hustle and bustle of the city to slow down for a moment and discuss some of the things that we often find ourselves thinking about during our typical day.

We a community of young professionals that meet every Thursday evening to discuss the in's and out of life and work. It's a great opportunity to network with a diverse group of young professionals in a relaxed environment where you are free to express yourself.


Leadership is important to us. We'd like to think that being a group of young professionals that we are the future decision makers within our society. Evidentally the world will be moulded by the decisions that we make in our sphere of influence, amongst our friends and within our families.

We believe that passion and vision are key in this process. That's why we aim to equip young professionals with the leadership qualities, skills, and confidence that they need to have a better vision for their lives and shape a future that they want for themselves.

Central Hall Westminster

A weekly event in central London on spirituality, justice, community, and leadership. Connecting the dots… following Jesus…finding life.

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